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All Land marketed by us or used as Gated Estates have minimum requirements to shows it is free from State Government acquisition  such as installation of Government Pillars, State Surveyor General’s Survey,approved Layouts or  with Global C of O in view.

Under Land Used Act of 1978, every Land has been placed under State Government’s control and every land acquisition must have state government approved documents to back it.

With us in Home Bureau, Customer is King. After showing our Customers the available documents from Landowners and Government, we allocate to Customer after 70% of total payment via installments has been achieved. If Customer lost his job with prove or other misfortune, we can spare him to stop paying for some months.

If a Customer decided to withdrawal due to reason beyond his control. His investment in Land at present rate value with us can be dispose of as follows:

  1. We look for another Investor to buy his investment
  2. The Customer can bring another Investor to take over his investment.
  3. Our Company can take over the investment with our payment terms. (Optional).
  4. No cash refund.

Other charges are Survey Fee, Development/Infrastructure Fee and Legal/Documentation fee for Land purchase while Legal and documentation only for House purchase.

Our houses in our Estates are, apartments, Bungalows, Semi detached Duplex, Fully detached Duplex and Terraces.

Simply contact our office or any of our sale representatives, fill our Subscription Form or fill soft copy online, select the Estate, house/Land type and made payment ONLY into Bank accounts of Home Bureau Global Resources Ltd

Almost all our Estates has a State Government approved Layout Plan, that will be adhere to with , link to Electricity national grid , recreation, security post , Interlock Road network, drainages , Street light, commercial area and Estate Clubhouse these are what Development/ Infrastructure Fee are used to do.

Yes with a Letter from Customer it is possible but such changes will affect the time of delivery for the House.

For Customers buying land, we allocate as soon as State Government Layout approved plan is ready and 70% of total sum for the land has been paid. For House on (Off plan), Customer gets his House allocation six months after outright payment with Eight to twelve months after other payment plans.

For our Customer that bought Land within the Estate, the House types must fall within the House type mentioned above in residential areas while on commercial areas while both are subject to further approval from State Town Planning Authority.

We accept payment to our Bank accounts only, it gives Customers prove of payments to our Company. Our Company will not be responsible to any cash payment to Sales representatives or Staff.

Every customer has a relationship Officer to relate to or send proof of payment to us at Q: How long before my payment is confirmed? Within 24-48 hours upon receiving proof of payment. Q: Why do I need my payment confirmed? A proof of payment makes it easy for us to track your payment status and update your records.