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 LAND: Land acquisition and management is a specialized trade with three major factors that even a buyer of even one plot of Land must checked before buying. These factors are documentation, location and possession.

Documentation: All our Land used as Gated Estates have minimum State Government approval requirements, such as installation of Government Pillars or Surveyor General perimeter Survey,, approved Layouts or with C of O in view. Under Land Used Act of 1978, every Land has been placed under State Government control and every land acquisition must have state approved documents to back it. All our Land being sold is free from Government acquisition.

Location: Locations of all our Estates or sites are very strategic; it is not in doubt with easy accessibility to all major roads in the area. We partners with Landowners with good tracts record, select areas that are not too waterlog especially for Lagos area and moreover with good future return on Investment for our Customers.

Possession: we guarantee peaceful possession for our Clients with peacefully coexistence/ no relationship with the Landowners

Strategic Financial Partners/Joint Venture:

With experience of our Chairman/CEO, we have assisted many Families in the State in financing Family perimeter Survey, Clearing of Site and general finance of Excision documentations with Lagos State Government Excision Committee. Since real estate investment is very capital intensive, we partner with strategic financial individuals or firms in co-financing such venture with personal guarantee of our Chairman or our Company guarantees the partner’s investments with our good assets.

We can work together in any of the following:

  • Do you have some money you want to invest in real estate, with yearly interest payment (more than Bank interest payment) or want to co-finance a Family Excision documentation with agreement to share the Land pledge by the Family with the Partner but all financial investments will be guarantee by our firm.
  • Do you have any Families in Nigeria, that need finance for Family perimeter Survey, clearing of Site, Dredging, all general sponsor of Excision with Lagos State Government.
  • With our network, we do joint venture syndication with Family with Investors, other land strategic acquisition with proxy’s investors.

With all above email our Chairman/CEO directly with